The Origin

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Inspired by Egypt’s unique location, at the cross roads of world trade routes through the Suez Canal, its huge consumer market, trained and competitive labor force and emerging economy with ambitious growth potential, Amiral Group positioned itself as a regional player in the areas of maritime transport, information technology and energy. 

Having established a solid track record, Amiral Group won a competitive bid for Egypt’s only private port and logistics center at Ain Sokhna, 40km south of Suez, as the cornerstone of the planned Suez Economic Zone, enjoying easy access to domestic and international markets, through the Suez Canal. Its unique single information platform turned it into Egypt’s most successful PPP ventures.

Sokhna Port became Egypt’s most celebrated national project with international acclaim due to its efficiency, cutting-edge technology, automated customs services, electronic data interchange (EDI) and superb security.  International investors, such as IFC and AIG were attracted to the port.  Handling 25% of Egypt’s volume by 2008, the Port was acquired by DPW.

Recognizing Egypt’s growing needs for energy and the competitive advantage of the Sokhna location, Amiral secured a 25-year agreement with the Egyptian Government for a Bulk Liquids Terminal, with the potential to become the regional hub for storage, bunkering and logistics services.

Why Sonker?

  • Sonker provides a state of the art facility at a strategic location with a potential to turn Sokhna into a regional hub for storage, bunkering and trading activities
  • Injection of over US$450 Million of FDI
  • Creating over 2400 job opportunities and training for Egyptian labor
  • A 25 year off-take agreement with EGPC, the sole entity assigned to import petroleum products in Egypt with guaranteed 75% of Gasoil and 80% of LPG imports through the Red Sea
  • Expanding consumption patterns will fuel demand for Gasoil in transportation. Slum population growth with limited connectivity to LNG network will drive demand for LPG
  • Existing refining and storage facilities fall far short in terms of capacity and efficiency to fulfill Egypt’s current and future needs


Sonker at Glance

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In 2003, and as an integral part of the Master Plan that Amiral Group has developed for Sokhna Port and the Suez Canal Economic Zone, Sonker was established as petroleum import, storage, handling, and bunkering facility.  Sonker is a Public-Private Partnership jointly owned by Amiral Group (63%) and the Ministries of Petroleum and Finance owning the remaining 37%.

In 2006, a concession was awarded to build and operate a tank farm and bulk liquids terminal at Sokhna Port and designate Sonker to be the operator. Through this terminal, Sonker will handle Gasoil and LPG imports and store products for strategic reserves.