Sonker Today

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Sonker Bulk Liquids Terminal (per end 2017)

  • Multiple deep water jetties capable of accommodating bulk liquids carriers of 135,000+DWT
  • 3 sq km for oil products and other bulk liquid commodities
  • All supporting infrastructure, including connections to the national grids for major petroleum products

Tanks and Site Progress

Gasoil Tank: Work in progress


LPG Tank: Work in progress


Energy is the Cornerstone of Egypt’s Ambitious Economic Growth

  • Mega projects are key for attracting foreign and domestic investment and creating job opportunities
  • Energy is the driver of the long term plan for sustainable growth
  • Since 2010, annual average energy consumption grew by 5.3%, while production only grew by 1%

Sonker Bulk Liquids Terminal:  A Key Component of Egypt’s Suez Canal Development Project

  • The Suez Canal is the major trade route that accounts for 9% of global trade
  • The Suez Canal Development Project is a 460 square kilometer area for industrial and urban development. It is heavily dependent on energy resources with significant added demand of petroleum products
  • The Red Sea accounts for 79% and 67% of Egypt’s imports of Gasoil and LPG respectively